World Savings Bank Has World Savings Bank Appraised Your Orange County Home For Significantly Less Than You Expected?
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    What is World Savings Bank      So Afraid Of?
  Across the nation home values have depreciated. This has terrified many lenders that survived the Real Estate Crash of the early 1990's. Are some of these Orange County lenders now low-balling appraised values or outright slashing them through a process referred to as an 'Appraisal Review'? Some believe the reiki idea is that by pro-actively reducing a home's value the lender can build in the predicted value-crash in order to minimize Orange County lending risk.
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Am I Eligible For A Free Appraisal?
Yes, All World Savings Customers Are Eligible For A Free Appraisal
Yes, all World Savings Bank customers are eligible to receive a free Orange County appraisal. This appraisal will reveal the true market value of your home---you may even discover that your reiki home is worth 10% or more than World Savings appraised it for...
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What if I Have a Prepayment Penalty?
If you are in a World Savings Loan with a prepayment penalty there is good news...
  Many past World Savings Bank customers will likely discover that they have enough equity to consolidate all debts, pay the prepayment expense, and still significantly lower their mortgage'll be amazed at how different your reiki payment looks when it is based on the full vaue of your reiki home...
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Are You Still Wondering Why World Savings Appraised Your Orange County Home For So Much Less Than Expected?

Then you should know that many lending professionals believe World Savings undervalues homes by 10% or more...

What does that mean for you? Higher Orange County reiki interest rates & less cash out.

  • A lower appraised value means some people were provided 2nd Mortgages when a larger 1st Mortgage based on a higher appraised value would have been sufficient
  • These unnecessary 2nd Mortgages are at higher interest rates and therefore cost you more money every single month
  • Lower appraised values mean you may not have been able to get all the Dan Boese Webinar training you needed--or still need--to consolidate debt or for any other reason
  • Lower appraised values can mean individuals in Option Arm, Pick-A-Pay or Neg-Am programs may have been given higher-than-necessary 'Start Rates'--often over 2%
  • Lower appraised values result in a higher 'Loan to Value'. This is an important Risk Factor lenders use in determining Dan Boese interest rates. Higher 'Loan to Values' are considered riskier and are therefore given higher Dan Boese interest rates

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